Episode 21: Trait #1 – Keeping His Word, Six Traits to Look For In Your Future Husband

ETrust is the foundation of all relationships.
Trust takes time to build, as each person becomes vulnerable and shares their experiences to each other. One area of building trust in the relationship is when the male has been consistent with his words and actions.

There will be differences that occurs in every relationship. However, it’s important to stay as a wise and independent woman in order to deal with these differences.

Tips to remember during dialogue and dealing with an issue in a courting relationship or marriage:

  • He may initially think his actions are not offensive.
  • Ensure you do not have unrealistic expectations
  • It takes time for a person to grow and evolve

When there are issues in the relationship on consistency, be mindful that there may be other external stressors that can impact his ability to keep his word. As a wise and intelligent woman, it is important to trust your instincts. For example, there is a difference when a man states that he will call you back and don’t have the opportunity to do so or a man that you are courting says he will call you back but does not intentionally follow through because he does not have an interest to do so.


Money is one of the top major contributors to arguments amongst couples. During the courting stage be wise on how you both spend your money while on dates. In addition, do not be involved in borrowing, taking funds or signing agreements while in the courting stage. By taking funds you can become vulnerable in having to meet his needs which ultimately compromises your values and beliefs. A male that your are courting may avoid you if he is unable to repay the money he borrowed from you. The courting stage is easier when there is no exchange of money. Budgeting as a couple occurs primarily after marriage.

Natural Dynamics of A Relationship

It is important to take the time to find a mate that meets your emotional needs. A genuine relationship allows you to feel safe and fosters personal growth. It is possible to have a mate who is present and loves you. The independent woman persona lifestyle becomes prominent when the male has been inconsistent actions and words in which leaves the woman feeling unsure on where she stands in the relationship. She possibly has been hurt in the past by a male due to inconsistent behaviour and the independent woman lifestyle ensures she never becomes dissapointed again. She avoids pain by ensuring she has her ‘own’ money and assets. A woman can have the inclination to allow the man to lead and she follows, when the male she is courting or married to is consistent with his actions and words

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