Episode 22: Trait # 2 – Interest to Have A Family, Six Traits To Look For In Your Future Husband

As a woman there may be a keen interest to find a husband to be family oriented. An ideal mate, that helps with household chores, changing diapers, and bottle feeds is ideal. Can there be a way to ensure he meets our wants for a potential husband to be ?.

Advice 1: He says yes … take it on faith

I truly believe in asking the male you are courting on whether he has an interest to have a family. If he responds with yes, then go on faith. If he has been consistent with his actions and behaviour then believe he is interested in having a family in the near future. There is a possibility he says no to having children. At this time, determine whether you can provide encouragement that will allow him to gain the confidence that he will be a good father. Over a period of time, this support will provide him with the confidence needed to be a good father. There is a possibility encouragement may not work and at this time, you will need to determine whether you will continue the relationship, especially if you have a strong desire to have children.

Advice 2: Don’t rush in having a child/ren

Don’t be afraid to take your time to have children. Sadly, in today’s society there is a need to meets personal goals as soon as possible and in a rapid rate. There is a need to demonstrate achievement even though you may not be personally ready for the tasks during a period of time in your life.
Don’t rush the stages of your marriage, due to outside pressure. Wait until you are both ready as a couple to start a family- even two to three years after marriage. When you are potentially ready to have a child as a married couple, have a discussion around budgeting, desired amount of children, and the possibly of the mom being at home (stay at home mother) after having a child. All the decisions you make as a couple, ensure that you both mutually agreed upon and there is no form of influence from others around you.

Advice 3: Enjoy the process of intimacy and becoming pregnant

Often times we get so caught up in planning and meeting goals that we forget to enjoy life precious moments. When it comes to starting the process in having a child, it is easier to just enjoy intimacy. When the time is right, your bundle of joy will arrive. There maybe situations when you will need to plan your intimate moments due to fertility issues. However, it is important to still enjoy your marriage, grow in the relationship and trust that your baby will be a part of your family when the time is right.

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