Episode 24: Trait #4 – Compliments and Strengthens You As A Woman, Six Traits To Look For In Your Future Husband

The term that came to mind when I thought of this episode was “your other half”, I understand it to be as there being a lot of intricate pieces in your future husband that allows the relationship and you to grow and really evolve as a woman. This episode I will be providing my personal examples on how finding my other half compliments me and has helped me embrace aspects of myself such as body image and self esteem.

One trait that your future husband should have and comes naturally is his ability to 

MAKE YOU feel more CONFIDENT in yourself.

The reason why I say more is because….We should all have good self esteem for ourselves. We value ourselves for who we are, but there may be some grey areas in our life that we didn’t know existed or became more apparent during a life situation.

Your future husband through encouragement and compliments helps you heal and gain the confidence you need to move forward in your life journey.

So I have an example of this:

One insecurity I had in the past is My body shape.

I have always had a small frame and my height being 5’7” made it appear, in my opinion to be thinner than the normal size. 

In the Caribbean culture, a woman with curves is praised, and considered desirable. Yes woman of smaller framed is accepted but not as much as a woman with hips.

During casual conversations, questions on how much I eat are sometimes asked. But I do know sometimes it’s for casual fun.

Over a period of time these questions make you think, you are not unique and special in your own way. In addition, questions posed on my appearance rather getting to know about who I am as a person especially during your teen years  can take a toll on you. 

During my courting stage, I became more accepting of myself because of the statements my husband now would state to me. Compliments such as “people would never believe you actually eat more than I do “. Or you me “ beautiful just the way you are” over a period of time really make you comfortable in your skin.

Overall, you find that the insecurities you have, your future husband finds to be unique or something he appreciates about you.


We all have had a goal and been afraid to achieve it … our fear comes in the way and stops us from growing or achieve our goal. Your future husband to be, helps you overcome your fears.

Overcoming your fears makes you feel vulnerable but he is with you every step of the journey.

He really becomes your main cheerleader and ultimately your best friend 

My husband as been my greatest cheerleader for my journey in podcasting. He purchased my microphone and listened to every episode. Inevitably he believed in me  and my goals – Often times when I felt insecure in the process he called me a leader and helped give me the courage to pursue this podcast journey.

Overall your future husband to be provides you with the support and unconditional love that makes you see yourself  in a new light or way and helps you accomplish your personal goals.

He provides you with resources to the best of his ability to support you.

He stretches you to move towards your goals that we weren’t able to do because of fear and/ or insecurities. 


I truly believe in the saying, opposites attract and I believe that this occurs because individuals admire each other personality traits or ability that they don’t have. When two people are together, although they are opposites, they in fact compliment each other and work well to get the job done. 

For example, you may observe in relationships:

There is one person in the couple that is social and enjoys being around other people. Whereas the other person , is more reserved and considered an introvert. They compliment each other as one and can engage faster with others. During conversations the introvert can provide additional comments without any added pressure because her partner is really the main person that controls the conversation.

You will also find that you compliment each other with strengths and weaknesses.

For example, I have difficulty sorting items in the home and especially in the kitchen and washroom. For items in the kitchen, it just feels overwhelming. As for the items in the washroom,  I have the fear of throwing an item out and then needing it a few months later. Overall, just the idea of living with the minimization concept is something I need to work on. However my husband, he can sort items in physical spaces which really leaves me wondering, how did he find the space to do all this. There is a high chance that a person who is messy may attract a detailed person or organized person. Although there maybe tension in the beginning because you ultimately need to work together to create a good space for the both of you. The most important aspect is that one’s strength allows the other person to overcome their weaknesses through coaching and support.


Your future to be husband has many traits, but it is so important he admires you enough to compliment and strengthen you as a woman. Despite your insecurities he will find them as unique traits and compliment you enough where you recover from painful or fearful experiences. You also compliment each other  strengths and weaknesses in various ways . You may be an introvert, but his social personality allows you to be more open, but as well fit in crowds. Overall he is your main cheerleader, whatever your goals may be, he is available to provide the support necessary to strengthen you and make you feel confident in your role.

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