Episode 26: Trait #6 – Considers How His Actions Will Impact You, Six Traits To Look For In Your Future Husband

Deeply caring for an individual and being open to changing yourself in order to serve him or her to the best of your ability. Ultimately the aim is to serve each other in courting and in marriage. Often times we really know someone cares when they put the effort for you to be a part of their life.Have a green tea lemonade as I discuss one of the traits that your future husband will wholeheartedly serve and allow you to become a part of his life.

Your future husband takes the time  to get to know you in terms of your likes, dislikes and personality.  He will sit down with you and really want to know what you think and why.

The reason why is that as a wise and intelligent woman, your future husband will have a vision. This vision includes his career goals, values, beliefs. Overall there is a goal on where he wants to see himself in an expected time frame. He is on the search to find a woman who can join together and execute this vision side by side. So he will take his time to ensure that the woman he is going to marry aligns with his future.

 As a wise and intelligent woman you will need to know yourself well. The reason I say this because you will need to determine what areas you are willing to let go of in your life. For example if you are a nurse and working long hours, are you willing to give up your career in order to build the vision your future husband has?. 

Your future husband has a vision in expanding his accounting company. He currently has a casual part time job since running a company can be difficult, especially during slow seasons. He will need to have a woman who values entrepreneurship and its sense of freedom it provides, but also endure the struggle that comes along with entrepreneurship. There is a lifestyle that you will also need to have until your business has an extensive amount of profit. 

He will need a wise and intelligent woman who is comfortable in budgeting, postponing in purchasing items she wants or desires in order to keep household bills afloat in order to build the vision.

Overall, he wants to get to know you such as favourite foods, childhood experiences, what you value and enjoy such as serving the community. Most of all, he wants to know, how your values align with his vision.

You become an intricate part of his life

Despite your hectic schedules, as a couple you start to have a synchronized way of being together:

  • see each other a particular amount of time each week.
  • Have a particular space you both enjoy. 
  • Overall you realize that despite family and friends around, you become his main priority in spending time together.

Your future husband is willing to compromise on his desires to ensure you are a part of the process. Ultimately, your health and safety comes first to him. 

I have an example that illustrates this:

My husband purchased cycling bikes for the both us. Now cycling bikes increase in speed way faster than the mountain bikes I am used to riding. We were going down a hill and I remember being nervous and I fell of the bike. Thankfully, I wasn’t badly injured. 

We decided to take a break from bike riding because of my fall. I was willing to attempt riding the bike again in hopes to get the hang of it, especially since I knew bike riding meant a lot to him. But over a few conversations, we decided not to do bike riding and do an activity we both enjoy.

What did this scenario teach me and you can consider when looking for your future husband ?

Even though he has a love for nature and bike riding, he still considered my safety first. He was willing to find an alternative to the solution. If he considered other alternatives such as joining a cycling club or bike riding with a friend it would bother me. But overall, his choice to consider my health and safety before his desires is an optimal trait.


During the initial stage of courting your future husband genuinely wants to get to know what your likes and dislikes. The primary goal is to marry you, so he will also during your time together figure out on whether you align with his vision. It’s important that you also know who you are as a wise and intelligent woman. As the courting stages progresses and strengthens, you realize that you become an intricate part of his life. He makes a commitment through actions to ensure you are together. Overall, he takes the time to learn who you are and serve you the best he can and considers your health, safety and overall well being at all times.

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