'Building healthy communities means that mothers are able to access social supports and have health care that meets their needs'
Joann B Givans


Joann has a Masters degree in Social Work. She is a retired Social Worker who has worked in the mental health and addiction field for ten years. Joann has held various positions in her career ranging from front- line work to leadership roles.  In her career, Joann has taught community college students  on various social  issues as well  presented information on improving the health system for youth and their families.


Joann’s personal and professional experiences led her to begin supporting mothers and their children. Joann has always had a passion for improving the health and wellness of the individuals she worked with.  As a first time mother, Joann experienced difficulty locating a mom support group that met her needs and that of her new born son.  Based on her experience, she realized the gap in service and aims to connect with  mothers in Peel and Toronto.  In Decemeber 2017, Joann started a  podcast named “Joann B Givans” which is available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play. The podcast provides a range of information on areas related to motherhood- health and wellness. Podcast topics include preparing for delivery, motherhood roles and self care.


 Joann’s will be in the community in order to raise awareness on the need to improve and/ or create services and programs for mothers and their child/ren.

Joann notes that “in order to build healthy communities it is  essential that every mother has adequate community supports such as accessible medical services, resources and social supports. The health of the baby depends on the ability and comfort a mother has accessing supports.”


Joann areas of focus are :

-impacts of trauma and its’ relationship to parenting

-anti-oppression approach when supporting mothers and children 

-using Godly(Christ) principles to empower mothers to be the best they can be.